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Elisha Colledge is a British photographer who was born in Good Hope Hospital in 1999. She began her journey to photography by firstly becoming involved in media which allowed her to realise that she is more interested in capturing individual shots rather than filming. Since 2017 she has been developing her photography skills to build to where she is today in photographing what she enjoys most; new-born babies. Attending Wolverhampton University in 2017 and finishing with a second class (1st devision) honours degree has helped her develop the skills that she needs to produce beautiful photographs that not only capture the moment, but express the emotions in which have been present in real life events. 



Elisha Colledge is a new-born photographer who enjoys capturing  special memories, as well as capturing the moment she enjoys paying attention to details by focusing on close up features of the subject. Photographing and being a part of someone else's memory for a brief moment is interesting and it is rewarding knowing that she has helped someone treasure a memory for the rest of their eternity. Colledge likes to capture those all important memories as one day that's all we may have left; the photograph of a life once lived. 

Technology has allowed us to view an exact moment of the past in which the brain would vaguely remember. She is inspired by the work of Anne Geddes and Victor Lax. These photographers include a creative and dramatic twist in which Elisha finds aesthetically pleasing. Anne Geddes uses bright colours and cute outfits in which she puts the babies into to make the photographs even more adorable. Victor Lax uses light, shapes and colours in order to make his photographs more dramatic and engaging. 

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